Apple Cider Vinegar Yeast Infection Cure Or Simply Placebo Effect?

Yeast infection, also known as Candida, is quite a common problem among women. Men can also develop it, but for them it can often be asymptomatic, which makes it pass unnoticed. Unfortunately, this is bad, because even if the woman gets treatment such as apple cider vinegar yeast infection cure or any other remedy, the man will reinfect her again with the occasion of sexual intercourse. This is why, in a couple, both partners need to get the Candida treatment, even if only one of them experiences symptoms.

Candida is actually a microscopic fungi group. We all have these microorganisms living on our bodies, in a symbiotic relationship. We usually don’t realize we offer these fungi food and shelter, because they are kept under control by other bacteria in our body, so everything is balanced and we experience what we call health. If Candida yeasts outgrow the good bacteria, the balance is destroyed and we experience symptoms such as severe itching, vagina odors or uncommon discharges.

Since Candida is somehow of a shameful condition, some women shy away from doctors and try home remedies such as yogurt or apple cider vinegar. The principle is simple: such foods either provide an increased number of good bacteria or destroy the Candida Albicans fungi.

Apple cider vinegar yeast infection treatment can be used both internally and externally. Because it is very strong, it’s not advisable to apply it undiluted. It will kill the yeasts, but it will also burn your skin. This is why, for external applications, it is recommended to mix apple cider vinegar into the bathwater.


Besides its effects on Candida, the apple cider vinegar yeast infection treatment will have beneficial effects on your overall health, because it is well-known as a home remedy for many medical conditions. Once you are healed, you can keep on taking a small amount of apple cider vinegar every day. It will prevent the yeast infection from recurring again.

When you drink the vinegar, it’s best to mix it with some water, because it is very strong and not everybody likes its acid taste and its strong smell. Water dilutes the taste and the odor, without diminishing the healing properties of the apple cider vinegar.

Another good idea is to try and get organic apple cider vinegar, rather than common one. Organic foods are better for us, because they don’t contain pesticides and other potentially harmful chemicals. It is a bit more expensive, but health is our most precious gift. Sickness can cost a lot of money, as neither doctors nor medicines are cheap. Prevention is always cheaper and it pays off on long term, so get yourself the best organic brand of apple cider vinegar, either you want it for your yeast infection or simply for cooking.

Some people believe that it’s in the power of our body to heal itself by the simple power of the mind. This could happen with such home remedies as well: we take them and we are so positive they work, that we really get cured. Or are they really working? Anyway, since the result is reinstating our state of health, who cares if it’s the real thing or just a placebo effect?